One Week To Profit

Seven ways and seven days to make more money with your business

What is One Week To Profit?

One Week To Profit is a 7-day email course that will show you a handful of new ways you can uncover hidden profit within your existing business. Additional (especially unplanned for) profit can be a huge stress reliever and can open doors to new opportunities. You've spent a ton of time and energy building your business; now it's time to widen the scope and show you ways to make money that's practically right under your nose.


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I believe every business has hidden profit that can be uncovered.

I believe every business owner has a multitude of opportunities to increase profit by leveraging existing products or services in other ways.

After years of experience, I believe owning a business shouldn’t be a constant, stress-filled uphill battle.

I want you to know that you are not alone if you own a business and think you’re missing out on revenue opportunities. Running a business is difficult, and if you wear all the hats (operations, biz dev, marketing, development, design, etc), it’s hard to find time to focus on one of the most important factors in business: Profit!

Business owner, entrepreneur, whatever you want to call yourself, you’re busy. You’re juggling so many different tasks and at times it can feel extremely overwhelming. Revenue is something you’re always thinking about (and always searching for).

That’s why I created One Week To Profit.

How Does It Work?

After purchasing One Week To Profit you'll immediately get the first email, which includes the first of your seven new ways to find hidden revenue. Over the course of a week, you’ll get a new email each day. Then, after the seventh lesson on the seventh day, you’ll get some awesome bonuses (listed below).

“Jason was instrumental in helping me steer my business in the right direction. Though balancing my budget, prices on products and shedding unnecessary expenses, I have increased my profit 30%.”

Blake Barash Owner, BStreetShoes

What’s in the Lessons?

Once you purchase One Week To Profit Lesson One will land directly in your inbox. Each day thereafter you’ll get another lesson emailed to you, with the content of the lessons as follows:

“Jason helped create more than a few ‘ah ha’ moments for me. He’s opened my eyes to seeing profit potential in places that I had never thought of before. I view my podcast and business in a new light based on the fantastic mentorship from Jason.”

Ryan Hawk Host, The Learning Leader Show


Registration is OPEN! Get the course now.




Course created by: Jason Zook

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2008 with For five years I got paid to wear t-shirts for a living and promote companies on social media. I developed multiple income streams with that business and was able to generate over $1,000,000 in revenue.

In 2012 and 2013 I sold my last name to the highest bidders, and in 2014 I wrote a book titled Creativity For Sale about my adventures as a small business owner with lots of crazy ideas. During the process of writing that book I also realigned my values and changed my own definition of success. Shifting my mindset helped open my eyes to other money making opportunities with products and services I was already selling. It also helped me achieve a bit of that elusive work/life balance thing people talk a lot about.

Over the years I’ve created many unique businesses and found interesting ways to make money. Most recently I’ve discovered how much fun it can be to invest the time to create a product or service and then see how many different ways I can make money from that one business. I want you to experience that same feeling!